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Japan 2020 Exhibition: Horiren 1St

(This is a past event and is no longer running)

Horiren 1st is a multi-award winning artist, one of very few females in Japan practicing ‘irezumi’, traditional tattoo. Her extraordinary art, inspired by centuries old imagery and techniques, is at the forefront of contemporary design, with intricate full and part-body artwork of dazzling colour and artistry.

We are thrilled to present a compelling exhibition of photographs capturing her work, by an international line-up of photographers led by Mayumi Hirata alongside Ayumi Fujita, Hiro Hara, Kentaro Fujisaki, Manuel Chillagano, Yoko Matsuno, and Michael Magers. Their striking images seek to convey the passion and life philosophy of Horiren 1st, originating from ‘Ichiren Takusho’, a saying with its roots in Buddhism, meaning ‘once you are connected, like different segments of a lotus root, you are connected for eternity’.

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Photo by Mayumi Hirata