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Japan 2020: Trigger Point & A Hum San Sui

(This is a past event and is no longer running)



Barabbas Okuyama has danced with the eminent Japanese Butoh Master choreographer Akaji Maro for 15 years. Now at the forefront of the new generation of Japanese choreographers, he brings his own very contemporary take on Butoh with the mesmeric solo TRIGGER POINT – Nature.

Since 2002 Kentaro Kujirai has danced with another eminent Japanese Butoh Master choreographer Akira Kasai.  Performed by Kentaro Kujirai and Barrabas Okuyama, and created by Kujirai in collaboration with Okuyama, A HUM SAN SUI (“Scenery of Alpha and Omega”), was hailed as breathing fresh life into Butoh when it premiered in 2018. This performance will mark the first time the pair have performed together in Europe.

Butoh (or Butō), meaning ‘Dance of Darkness’ is an idiosyncratic and physically demanding dance form, based around fluidity in motion in response to sound and space, that emerged out of Japan in the 1950s. Expect distinctive, hyper-expressive choreography – raw, haunting, beautiful, and magical.

Creative team

  • Scenography, A HUM SAN SUI
  • Composer, A HUM SAN SUI
  • Lighting Design
    Takehiko Maruyama
  • Lighting Operator
    Kazuya Yoshida

Additional Information

Photo: Top- Bozzo

Photo: Bottom- Pettendi Szabo Peter

Supported by Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)