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Our Team

Artistic Director & CEO
Anda Winters

General Manager
Andy McDonald

Senior Producer 
Hetty Shand

Finance Manager
Andrew Michel

Company & Production Coordinator 
Emma Smith

Daphne Seale

Assistant Producer / PA to Artistic Director
Lola Gabellini

Associate Producer
Cathy Lewis

Digital Marketing Officer
Riccardo Tito Pescini

Marketing Manager (Freelance)
Elliot Hall

Press Representative
Sharon Kean

Poetry Coordinator
Marion Manning

Audience Experience Manager
Giudi Di Gesaro

Audience Experience Manager (Maternity Cover)
Amelia Campbell

Box Office Assistant
Ivana Dieli

Duty Managers
Francesca Battinieri, Adrielle Feliciano, Maria Lisberg-Jonasson, Tatiana Martinez

Front of House Staff
Brian Maitland, Andreane Rellou, Ewa Emini, Sua Tsubokura-Aguiriano, Hazel Townsend, Kelsey Moebius, Aishani Ghosh, Eugénie Bakker, Emma Laird-Craig, Daniel Timoney, Dominika Jarečná, Hamza Mullick, Dong Ting Huang, Stefanie Bruckner

Linda Bernhardt, Mike Fisher, Mimi Gilligan, Jane Quinn, Anda Winters, Bill Winters (Chair)