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Welcome to The Coronet Theatre; a beacon of international arts, and a testament to the power of global culture.

It’s easy to forget the excitement and dynamism of our programme, that the Coronet Theatre is a registered charity, and receives no regular public funds. We must find 100% of our income, so we can continue to enrich, educate and entertain our diverse audiences with the arts and cultures, from beyond our borders.

We now invite you to join us in securing the future of our extraordinary cultural institution.

Our mission is clearer, our purpose more relevant, and our drive unwavering. In a world that often seems divided, art has become an essential bridge, a force for change, and a window into understanding others, regardless of their origins.

We aim to deliver exceptional work that sets new standards, inviting our audiences to experience the extraordinary in the intimate setting of our Grade II-listed building. Here, you can witness the best emerging talent alongside masters of their crafts, in UK premieres that will leave you inspired.

The Coronet Theatre is a place where diversity thrives, and excellence is the norm. Join us in preserving this invaluable sanctuary for the arts and help us ensure that it continues to be a home for creativity, unity, and inspiration. Together, we can make a difference through the transformative power of art.

Join our artistic family today.


Anda Winters
Artistic Director

Our Mission Is Simple: ENGAGE, EDUCATE and EMPOWER audiences with extraordinary arts from beyond our borders.

Anda Winters, Artistic Director

Our unique international mission is only possible thanks to our incredible family of supporters