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Welcome to The Coronet Theatre’s Major Gifts Programme, the pinnacle of philanthropic support for an institution that embodies the unifying force of art. The Coronet Theatre stands as a testament to the extraordinary power of community and creativity, and your participation as a major donor is nothing short of transformative.

The heart of our success lies in our vibrant and dynamic community, a community that has catapulted The Coronet Theatre into its position as London’s cherished home of international arts. Our commitment to celebrating diversity and excellence in the arts is unwavering. As a major donor, you are invited to play an instrumental role in our mission. The Coronet Theatre has navigated and conquered countless challenges in recent years, emerging as a stronger and more focused cultural institution than ever before.

The scope of our ambition is clear, and your generous support is the key to achieving it. With ticket sales typically accounting for only 30-40% of our total income, major donors like you become the essential bridge that ensures the continuity of our mission. Your philanthropic investment keeps The Coronet Theatre’s beacon of international arts burning brightly, impacting the lives of the 125,000 individuals who have experienced the magic of our institution.

In a world that often feels divided, art stands as a force for unity and understanding, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. Your generosity enables us to be a catalyst for change, delivering exceptional international work that sets new standards. We invite you to join us in this mission, to preserve and promote the extraordinary in the intimate setting of our Grade II-listed building.

At The Coronet Theatre, we are dedicated to both renowned and emerging experimental artists, and as a major donor, your influence extends to shaping cultural perspectives. The Coronet Theatre is not just a venue; it’s a sanctuary where diversity thrives and excellence is the norm.

By becoming a major donor, you stand with us in preserving and enhancing this invaluable space for the arts. Together, we create a home for creativity, unity, and inspiration, making a profound and lasting impact on the transformative power of art. Your generosity ensures that The Coronet Theatre remains a beacon for generations to come, fostering a world where art unites us all.