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Coronet Inside Out: Chudahye


South Korean vocal artist Chudahye has shared her video, ENTER, which is part of a three performance series [ ENTER – STAY – EXIT ] created with her band Chudahye Chagis.

The three performances show an individual’s “growth”. Depending on the viewer, it may be interpreted differently, such as a spiritual experience, a process that simply enters into the body and is digested and excreted, metamorphosis, etc. This is the video for ENTER.


Producer – Senggi Studio
Art Director / Art Works – Boram Momo Lee
Video Director / VJ – Yi June Choe
Broadcast Engineer – Do Young Kim
Sound Engineer – Onewoo Kang
Camera – Jonathan Jacobson, Jin Seok Kwak
Sponsor – Budweiser, Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture


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Chudahye is a South Korean vocal artist who specialises in traditional North Korean folk music (Seodo region).

Her sound has a mysterious force that brings the sounds of Seodo region and shamanistic rituals of the past into contemporary music. Her work crosses boundaries of genre, releasing singles and albums filled with her own colours.

After making an international splash as a member of Korean Folk-inspired Ssing Ssing, Chudahye has delivered a fierce follow up with the dancy, sublime, psychedelic, sometimes brash, sometimes ethereal Chudahye Chagis. Their debut album, Underneath the Dangsan Tree Tonight, is an aurally beautiful tapestry of genres, traditions and talent.

Chudahye also regularly performs solo in museums, concerts, theatres and on TV.



Composed of Chudahye on vocals, guitarist Lee Si-mun, bassist Kim Jae-ho and drummer Kim Da-vin, Chudahye Chagis is a “psychedelic shamanistic funk” band, which blends Korean shamanistic music with psychedelic rock and funk. Inspired by shamanistic music from different provinces of the Korean Peninsula including Pyeong’an, Hwanghae and Jeju Island, Chudahye Chagis adds a funk sound and hip-hop elements to these tunes, creating a unique style of their own.