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Coronet Inside Out: Florence Freeman

The Work of Florence Freeman

We are excited to share a short film showcasing the work of artist Florence Freeman.


Florence Freeman,
an artist who specialises in surrealist paintings,
predominantly oil on Canvas.
Drawing from the mind Florence creates her own mystical worlds,
with a macabre and yet cheeky side.




“My background has always been art based from a very young age, however there was a time when I had to find work, I also have a strong love of fashion and so I put the two together and found contemporary fashion and so I moved to London to work for Comme des garçons (Dover Street Market) this was laterly followed by Rick Owens, this is where I met Anda. After seeing my work she kindly offered to host an exhibition of my work at The Coronet Theatre, however due to the pandemic this has been postponed.“ – Florence Freeman

Mortality, decay, life, death and rebirth, exploring the juxtaposition and playfully questioning the boundaries between the mind and the psyche, life comes from death, hope comes from death, Freeman’s work explores the light in the shadows of life and invites the viewer to make their own perception.


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Florence Freeman

Born in Wolvey, UK, in 1974, Freeman currently lives and works in London.