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Coronet Inside Out: Haihm

Behind the Scenes with Haihm

Korean electronic musician & producer haihm has shared a short film about her work, her artistic process and her relationship with The Coronet Theatre for Coronet Inside Out.

haihm composed and performed the music for Dream Ritual by Bongsu Park and Jinyeob Cha which premiered at The Coronet Theatre in 2019.


Click here to see the other work available to watch for free on Coronet Inside Out.



haihm is a Seoul-based electronic musician & producer.

She was classically trained on piano and studied Klavier-Konzertfach at Universität Mozarteum Salzburg in Austria. She has released two self-produced albums based on electronic music. Teaming up with Jazz Bassist and Korean traditional music vocalist, ‘Sinnoi’, their first album was released in the fall of 2019. She is planning to release an album of the tracks for performance she has made in the first half of next year. haihm also works in sound making that turns pure sound into energy that can be felt physically.

haihm has performed at many festivals working alongside artists from various fields, including the visual arts, contemporary dance, film and classical symphonic orchestras. Performances include Nam June Paik 10th Anniversary Performance ‘Utopian Laser TV Station’ at Nam June Paik Art Center, 2016; SXSW Showcase Austin, USA, 2016; Seoul Symphony Orchestra Riverside Concert 2016; Artificial Intelligence and Music Collaboration 2017, 2019; Dream Ritual, The Coronet Theatre, London, 2019; and a solo performance at Cafe OTO, London, 2019.