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Coronet Inside Out: Kentaro!!

With Dayonashiik

Boundary- and genre-breaking hip-hop star KENTARO!! — together with his new company, Dayonashiik — bring a Japanese take on hip-hop dance to Inside Out with their latest video.


“I’ve been thinking a lot about artistic expression.
If someone is under pressure, they won’t generally have enough energy to really enjoy art. Paradoxically though, it can give people extra energy with which to live their lives.
So now I am confused.
I don’t want to say that art, or dance, are the most important things in the current extraordinary circumstances.
But if people ask me to dance and I have a chance to do so, I will try to produce something that exceeds their expectations.
So now I am looking forward to the day when everyone can again enjoy all forms of artistic expression as part of the rich tapestry of our ordinary lives.” –


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KENTARO!! is a dancer/choreographer and leader of the companies Tokyo Electrock Stairs and Dayonashiik.

While working from technique primarily founded in hip-hop dance, KENTARO!! creates unique and innovative works that transcend the patterns of conventional styles of dance. In recent years, his works have been characterized by dance with a narrative aspect interwoven with meaning and relevance and utilizing self-composed music and sound in fuzzy synchronization with the dance movement. In 2008, he won the Young Choreographer’s Prize sponsored by the French Embassy in Japan at the Yokohama Solo & Duo Competition, as well as the Nextage Special Prize and Audience Prize at the Toyota Choreography Awards.