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Coronet Inside Out: Koichiro Tamura

With Dance PJ Revo

Experimental choreographer/dancer Koichiro Tamura, together with his company DANCE PJ REVO, present a blend of contemporary and hip-hop dance. For Inside Out, Tamura shares a message with us along with a taste of his piece F/BRIDGE.

Winner of the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers and the Yokohama Outstanding New Artist Prize, among others, Tamura’s choreography bursts with visual ideas. His experimental cocktail of contemporary and hip-hop dance often pairs dancers with a variety of everyday industrial and urban props such as tyres, bricks and machine parts.

For F/BRIDGE, the dancers are each paired with a breeze block to create a new dynamic, perfectly fused by Tamura’s choreography. The blocks become extensions of the dancers’ bodies, utilized in seemingly endlessly inventive ways — stacked, swung, carried, stood on, thrown — to create an exciting, fresh and very contemporary choreography.


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Koichiro Tamura

Koichiro Tamura is a choreographer, dance artist, performer and dancer.

Born in Niigata in 1992, he studied performing arts and contemporary dance at Kyoto University of Art and Design. Active in Japan/Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe and Niigata.

While at university he set up the dance company DANCE PJ REVO in 2011. In 2014, its first work, Human and Animals Revo history of dance 2011-2014, was performed to critical acclaim in a sold-out run. He continued to make choreographed works after university and has now created more than 50 pieces. His dance style is called “minimal hardcore”.

DANCE PJ REVO has been selected as an associate company of NPO corporation DANCE BOX (Kobe). Its content supports the company’s activities with new works for three years from 2018 to 2020.

He has also produced works in Hong Kong, Korea and across Europe, and is currently active as a writer both in Japan and overseas. He was appointed a curator of young choreography for the Dance New Air 2018 project in Yokohama.

His purpose is to connect with people all over the world via dance.