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Coronet Inside Out: Luiza Furtado


For Coronet Inside Out, artist Luiza Furtado has shared her video performance Casca.


“It’s an accumulation of cloth over paint and stitches. While hiding my natural skin, It reveals the density of being in the flesh. Its texture is soft: comfortable yet tastes like entrails. What should be a temporary home for the body has become a being in its own right.

This overall was a Cocoon. It protected me through a twenty-hour practice, diluted in four sessions. Sitting in a garden corner, I blindfold myself with embroidery to manifest greater attention at limbs I usually overlook.

The discipline of self-hearing is challenging when we bump into a tissue filled with emotional infections. One of the women who raised me used to superstitiously say that – sewing a piece of clothing while wearing it would attract death’s energy- she inspired me for this work. Because I aimed to ritualize this atmosphere for experiencing hidden pain, facing it, calling it mine and telling its mortification.

Through the work, I pursue a dialogue between patching as a practice of meditation, the art of intuitive dance, and the proximity to nature as a channel to spiritual strength”.Luiza Furtado


Video performance
(Running time: 32:05 mins)

Filmmaker: Raquel Abrantes
Editor: Luan Dias


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Luiza Furtado

Luiza Furtado was born in Florianópolis in 1999. She lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.

Luiza uses media such as painting, sewing and video to articulate the plunge into the density of mysticisms, paradigms and discoveries that permeate the female universe.

She completed her undergraduate studies in Product Design at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage.

Luiza participated in the web residence Futuros Possíveis in the Largo das Artes space, Rio de Janeiro (May, 2020) curated by Gabriela Maciel and Yasmine Ostendorf. She has presented her work since 2016 in group exhibitions curated by the gallery Úmida. She held her first solo exhibition Pigmento at the Ble Galeria with independent curatorship in 2018. In 2019, she participated in the collectives Corpo Serpente, Bicho, Femme Alma Fala and Intersecções poéticas. In 2020, she participated in the collective exhibition Female Protagonism: Sorority and Empowerment at the OAB in Jabaquara in São Paulo, curated by Letícia Mercier and Suelen Lima, which unfolds the documentary with the same name, produced through the call for proposals Cultura Present in SECERJ’s networks, and ended the year by participating in the exhibition Arte Sem Fronteiras-Bienal Black.