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Coronet Inside Out: Manfred Wakolbinger

An Exclusive Behind the Scenes Film

Austrian artist Manfred Wakolbinger shares an insight into his sculptural and video work.

“Inside – out is the theme of many of my artworks, you can say. It goes both ways. From “Inside – out”, to see and feel what surrounds you, where is your place. But also from the “outside – in”. You go to other galaxies – to look back from far away – to find yourself. In my sculpture work and installations, I always work on space. On the “negative horizon” (Paul Virilio). Where is the edge between us and the outside. Does it move? I`m sure it does! My video-work is based on photography I do under water. I use pictures of “Salpes” from the space in the water- the macro world, to create videos of travels through galaxies – developed by myself.

In this video we go around in my sculpture show at the “Museum für bildende Kunst” in Leipzig and find the sculpture “Stargazer” to look through. And our look goes up into some galaxies, and we do too!” – Manfred Wakolbinger


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Manfred Wakolbinger

Manfred Wakolbinger was born on 6 November 1952 in Mitterkirchen, Upper Austria.

After completing his training in metalwork and tool-making, he devoted himself to art. Initially, jewellery design with Anna Heindl. Attended seminars by Bazon Brock at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, 6 months in London. Sculpture and photography since 1980. Numerous solo and group shows in Europe and the USA, including Documenta 8 and the Biennale di Venezia. Sculptures in public space. Monographic exhibition at the 20er Haus, Vienna. Numerous catalogues and books published. Underwater photography since 2000: 2003, Bottomtime published; 2012, Unter der Oberfläche / Under the Surface; 2007, Christoph Ransmayr, Damen und Herren unter Wasser — Eine Bildergeschichte nach 7 Farbtafeln von Manfred Wakolbinger; cover designed for Ransmayr, Der fliegende Berg and Die letzte Welt