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Coronet Inside Out: Ney Hasegawa


Choreographer, director and performer Ney Hasegawa and his collective FujiyamaAnnette share an excerpt of their piece Invisible Things.

Ney Hasegawa and FujiyamaAnnette present high-energy, questioning performances that use the global language of the body to tell their story.

Existing somewhere between Forced Entertainment and Jérôme Bel, these pieces feature flights of fancy, video projections, daydreams, Power Point presentations, memories, choreography, music and installation.


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Ney Hasegawa & Fujiyamaannette

Ney Hasegawa is a director, choreographer and performer who works with a keen sense of visual presentation and borderless perception. He is best known for The Absence of the City (2013), Attack on Dance (2014/2016), DANCE HOLE (2016), ENIAC (2017) and more.

Guest-works include Kein licht (written by Elfriede Jelinek 2011), Under Execution, Under Jailbreak (original manga by Hirohiko Araki, co-choreographed by Mirai Moriyama, 2015), OPERABLACKJACK (original manga by Osamu Tezuka, musical direction by Akira Miyakawa; 2015/16), a SCRAP Real Escape Game, Escape from the Android Factory (co-direction 2018).

Hasegawa’s company FujiyamaAnnette works internationally, including video work in Switzerland, performing in Singapore, and working with a Korean company at SPAF 2012.

In recent years, the company has cast doubts on the genre “Dance” to refine the essence of art, in collaboration with other genres. The company worked in residence with local performers in Beijing (Beijing Fringe Festival), Sao Paulo (CCSP Semanas de Danca) and Yokohama (KAAT DANCE SERIES 2016) during its Attack on the Dance World Tour 2016.

He participated in Theatertreffen2017 ‘s International Forum.