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Coronet Inside Out: Roberta Lima

The Making of Ghost Plant

Artist Roberta Lima has shared a short film showing the making of her piece Ghost Plant.

“Inspired by incredible structures existing in nature and our surroundings, this work is a representation of systems of support and connectivity. In Ghost Plant the body stands on its own, the collective stands for empowering.

After years living in Vienna, I moved to Finland and experienced the conflict of isolation. Initially I struggled with feeling alone, but then I profited from introspection. I explored with the body as energy source and the element that challenges and redefines structures. I also embraced restrictions and sought for alternative forms of communication. Working remotely has been my reality before the Coronavirus crisis. The support of my friends and team in Vienna, Brazil, and other places, is crucial for making and presenting this work.

The video for The Coronet shows the development of making Ghost Plant. From the first images shot in Winter 2019 to where I am now: working on a prototype sculpture of the multi-media installation and performance to be exhibited in Vienna in fall/winter of 2020.” – Roberta Lima


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Roberta Lima

Born in 1974 in Brazil, Roberta Lima is an Austrian artist based in Vienna and Helsinki. After graduating with a degree in architecture in 2001, Lima moved to Vienna where she earned a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in 2007 and her PhD in Philosophy in 2013. Thereafter she worked as lecturer and Assistant Professor for the Contextual Painting Class at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Lima focuses on her own body as theme for her work and uses various media, such as photographs, video and installations. Her work also investigates space and appropriates aspects of different places and contexts for producing art and starting discussions on the role of artist and viewer. She has exhibited and performed internationally at festivals such as Kyoto Experiment, Wiener Festwochen, and Donaufestival. In 2007 she was awarded the “H13 Prize for Performance”. In 2018 she was awarded the Austrian Citizenship based on the merit of her accomplishments and contributions to the nation.