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Tacit Group & Gazaebal

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Immersive audio-visual pioneers Tacit Group and their co-founder Gazaebal present two special concerts showcasing their spectacular synthesis of sound and visual art.

Each night artists from Tacit Group use a live mix of mathematical coding and computer programming to produce an utterly unique and compelling event. Their algorithmic art has echoes of the concept of synesthesia: “we love the idea that the audience can ‘see’ the music”, says Tacit co-founder Gazaebal.

Tacit Group is an audio-visual group founded in 2008 with a vision of creating new art for the 21st century. Based in Seoul but working globally, the group comprises composer Jaeho Chang and electronic musician Gazaebal (Lee Jinwon). With audio-visual art as its core content, Tacit Group has expanded in a contemporary and experimental way in multimedia performances, interactive installations, and music installations.

Fri 22 Mar – Gazaebal: Un/readable Sound

Sat 23 Mar – Tacit Group: Tacit.perform[Best]


Gazaebal: Un/Readable Sound

Tacit Group co-founder and pioneer of Korean electronic music Gazaebal presents Un/readable Sound, the first of two intimate gigs as part of Tacit.perform[Best].

A cinematic visual and aural explosion, Un/readable Sound is an emotional journey through the life of the artist, inspired by his Korean childhood and his time in New York.

This stunning immersive experience combining video design created in Unreal Engine and a live sound score created on stage using analogue modular synthesisers was selected as the Work of the Year in the music category by the Korean Art Council.

I want people to experience sound, not music, a time-line that creates experience and is a picture of that moment” – Gazaebal


Tacit Group: Tacit.perform[Best]

Audio-visual pioneers Tacit Group present Tacit.perform[Best].

Three members of Tacit Group share the space with three autonomous computers to present unique variations of well-known pieces including Steve Reich’s Drumming as well as pieces from Tacit Group’s back catalogue such as System 2 and Game Over.

Tacit’s sound performances push new boundaries, constantly reinventing the interface between artist and computer to produce work that grows as new technologies emerge.


Click here to access priority booking by BECOMING A FRIEND so you can guarantee your seats for these incredible performances!