The Breath Control Project - Caroline Wright

The Breath Control Project

Created by
Caroline Wright

Breathe in… and out… don’t stop.

Caroline Wright's unusual performance and installation celebrate the rhythm and melody of breathing, and reveals the beauty of the human voice.

In Osmosis, join Caroline, acclaimed mezzo-soprano Laura Wright, low flute specialist Carla Rees and members of the London ‘Breath Choir’ for a unique live performance to celebrate our relationship with our own breath: as gift, as voice, as life.

Notes is a breath-taking interactive experience for one person at a time. Your sung exhalation as well as data about your respiratory health is recorded to create an intriguing installation of collected sounds and sculptural visualisations.

Our Precious Breath: read a Q+A with Caroline Wright

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General Information


Wed – Sat, 7.30pm

Post show discussion: Thu 30 May




The Print Room


40 minutes



Wed — Sat, 2:00pm – 9:00pm


Free entry


Main Auditorium


10 min per person

“A stunning piece that draws you in from the moment it begins”

Breath Control participant


  • Performer
    Caroline Wright
  • Performer
    Laura Wright
  • Performer
    Carla Rees
  • Performer
    Members of the London Breath Choir

Creative team

  • Created by
    Caroline Wright
  • Choir Director
    Laura Wright
  • Costumes
    Tim Spooner
  • Lighting Design
    Trui Malten
  • Glassmaking
    Mike Baumbach
  • Produced by