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Coronet Special Event: Tattooist Doy

(This is a past event and is no longer running)

Selected as one of the world’s top five tattooists by The Guardian, Tattooist Doy will perform a Korean style live tattoo on stage, accompanied by music, with the performance projected on screen.

Gaining international acclaim for his unique tattooing, Doy has pioneered for the last 18 years a new style creating fine art on the skin’s canvas. He marks the final chapter of this journey with a special opportunity for audiences to witness his fascinating process in person.

After the event, Tattooist Doy will give a dot tattoo, consisting of one small dot, to three people from the audience. If you would like to be considered for a tattoo from Doy, please send us a story of what a dot tattoo would mean to you, at with the subject “DOY TATTOO”, deadline on Friday (06 Oct) at midday. The selected candidates will be announced during the event!

An exhibition of Doy’s tattoo work will be displayed in the studio. The evening will also feature a Q&A chaired by Fiona Bae, author of Make Break Remix: The Rise of K-style, which featured Doy along with other trailblazing Korean artists. Bae has been travelling around the world with Doy to help his movement to legalise tattoos in Korea, the only country where tattooing without a medical license is illegal.





Additional Information

Tattooist Doy

Tattooist Doy has tattooed a number of celebrities including Brad Pitt, Lily Collins and many Korean stars. Born and raised in Korea, Doy pioneered a fine line tattoo known as Korean style tattoo when he shifted his career from design to tattooing 18 years ago in order to attract young clients instead of gangsters. In Korea, tattoos have been associated with organized crime. Doy is leading the campaign to legalise tattoos in Korea and his story has been featured in BBC, The New York Times, and The Economist.

Fiona Bae

Seoul-raised and London-based, Fiona Bae is passionate about bridging Korea with the rest of the world. She consults with talented artists, architects, and designers.