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Internal Library

(This is a past event and is no longer running)

Bongsu Park


Occupying the entire Print Room Studio, Bongsu Park’s Internal Library is an externalized manifestation of inner space, private thoughts made public, contorted and expressed anew.

Moving through a labyrinth-like installation formed by hanging translucent fabrics within the black-box theatre space, each visitor will encounter three antique wooden bureaux – dedicated to Memory, Dream and Secret. Here, on a variety of vintage typewriters, each individual is invited to leave anonymously their inner most thoughts.

Over the course of the event the artist will re-appropriate the collected texts and integrate them into the fabric of the installation through video projection and soundscape. The whole environment will be an ever-evolving sensory experience where text, sound and image blend and become an integral part of the fabric of the Internal Library.

A live performance will take place on the final day of the exhibition where all the collected texts will be distilled and re-expressed.


Participants are welcome to contribute a single or multiple memories, dreams or secrets in any length and in any style. The text can be pre-prepared or improvised on the spot. All visitors are still welcome to experience the Internal Library without needing to submit texts of their own

Additional Information

Live Performance:
Inspired by participants’ collected texts
30 JUL

Supported by:
Arts Council Korea and Rosenfeld Porcini