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Intfest: A Guided Tour Of The Exhibition: For Soprano With Handbag

(This is a past event and is no longer running)

Created by:
William Kentridge and Joanna Dudley


★★★★  “A dazzling cinematic montage of modern times.”  – The Guardian on Thick Time


South African artist William Kentridge, renowned for his animated expressionist drawings and films exploring time and the history of colonialism, returns to the Coronet following his sell-out success Paper Music, collaborating with co-creator Joanna Dudley.

In this innovative exhibition by the artist, combining live art, drama, film and sculpture, audiences will be guided by soprano and artist Joanna Dudley, through a unique immersive installation. This undefinable new work, commissioned by the Coronet, will challenge all the senses: a performance which is both a guide to the exhibition and also an exhibit within it.