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Italian Theatre Festival: La Mia Battaglia

(This is a past event and is no longer running)

Elio Germano & Chiara Lagani

Elio Germano

Elio Germano


In this powerful show, an actor, or perhaps a comedian, or an undeclared hypnotist, manipulates his spectators to a crescendo of self-congratulation. Driving a silent collective will, the authoritative figure of the artist gradually becomes more and more authoritarian, evoking the spectre of a return to extremism disguised as simple common sense. Appealing to the need to resurrect a dying society, and utilizing ecological, nationalist, socialist, global and individual requests, anecdotes and proclamations, passionate appeals and delirious lyric attacks, the audience is swept towards a terrible final outcome until, at the end of the show, there is a dramatic and unpredictable twist.

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Sat 06 Jun 7pm



£30/£25 standard

£15 under 30s

Concessions available

Buy for three or more performances and receive a 10% discount

All performances are in Italian with English surtitles