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Italian Theatre Festival: But Why? Performed By Marcello Magni

(This is a past event and is no longer running)

Little sketches from stories: read, told and improvised on stage…

A man – a relative of Nasrudin, the wise fool from Persia – returns home after a long trip abroad to find himself in front of a wall. He has never seen a wall so big or so long. But why has a wall been built across the desert? He can no longer reach his home!

Trying to understand the absurd predicament in which he finds himself, our man tells stories about walls: solid ones like the one he finds himself in front of, invisible walls that separate reason and madness and inescapable ones between life and death. He asks himself: “Which side of the wall am I on?”

An evening created by Marcello Magni, Gilles Aufray (writing) and Oliver Barwell-Aufray (music) presenting a work in progress for a future show…in which anything could happen!

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All performances in Italian with English surtitles.