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The Lady From The Sea

(This is a past event and is no longer running)

Written by
Henrik Ibsen

In a new version by
Mari Vatne Kjeldstadli

Based on the translation by
May-Brit Akerholt

Produced by
Print Room at the Coronet & The Norwegian Ibsen Company

Ellida, a lighthouse keeper’s daughter, was born where the fjord meets the ocean. Now trapped in a difficult marriage to a British doctor, Ellida longs for the open sea. Will the return of a former lover offer her a real choice?

A story of self-determination, modern families, loving other people’s children, and always looking for the perfect relationship, The Lady from the Sea was shocking in its challenge of societal norms when it premiered in 1889.

To mark the 130th anniversary of The Lady from the Sea, we collaborated with the Norwegian Ibsen Company for this new staging, bringing with it a deep connection to the Norwegian culture in which Ibsen lived.

Additional Information

Both Norwegian and English was spoken during the performance, with English surtitles for the Norwegian sections.