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Tiger Is Coming: Collective A

(This is a past event and is no longer running)

Visionary choreographer Cha Jinyeob and her Seoul-based creative group, collective A, presents the UK Premiere of Body-Go-Round: round 1 – a genre-bending, mixed reality, dance spectacle inspired by the process of melting to evaporation in the water cycle. 

Looming above the stage, a giant ice formation slowly melts as performers respond to the process of circulation and transition through dance. Each drop shaping the sound and visual landscape of the stage influences the interaction of each body in the space.

Cha Jinyoeb has developed a reputation as one of the most celebrated choreographers in South Korea, providing direction for numerous highly prestigious events such as the Winter Olympics and Pan Asian Games.


Concept & Direction & Choreography
Cha Jinyeob

Creative Partner
Lee Byungyeob


Media Art & Creative Technology
Yoo Nansaem

Co-media art
Moon Gyuchul, Hwang Sun Jung

Cha Jinyeob, Jung Heamin, Kim Haeni, Kim Yiseul

Technical director
Lee Doyup

Stage Manager
Kim Jisu

Lighting design
Kim Ikhyun

Ebbe Rodtborg Lauritsen

Choi Insook

Production Manager
Shin Jaeyoon



Running time:

Age guidance:



Running time:

Age guidance:

Additional Information

collective A

collective A is a Seoul-based creative art group founded by visionary Korean choreographer Jinyeob Cha in 2012. Since then, it has invited creators, dancers and artists of different disciplines to explore and research how individual perspectives can be reconstructed and transformed in to new experiences and discoveries. In particular, the group practices creative work free from the limit of space, genre, format or media, in pursuit of boundless art and search for the multidimensional values of art. collectiveA ultimately aims to challenge interdisciplinary art and its limitations, pushing the boundaries of artistic dichotomies. They have received critical acclaim with their first project Rotten Apple which opened up new horizons in performing arts and won 2012 Korean Dance Critics’ Awards for Best Dance Piece as well as the 18th Critics’ Choice Award for Best Dance Performance. In 2017, MIIN-BODY TO BODY won the Korean Dance Critics’ Award for Best Piece of the Year. 


The artistic director Jinyeob Cha, the choreographic director for the opening and closing ceremony of 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, has worked with numerous international dance companies and choreographers including LDPCompany of Korea, Hofesh Shechter of England, Galili Dance Company of Netherlands, and the English National Opera. Well-known for her eclectic art style that breaks the existing forms of performance and covers issues in modern society such as gender and power, she has received Today’s Young Artist Award from the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Korea Musical Award and Dance Critics’ Award for choreography. In 2021, Cha served as an artistic director of the opening and closing ceremonies for Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021.


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