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What Remains: Memory, History And Conflict

(This is a past event and is no longer running)



What Remains: Memory, History and Conflict is a series of talks and events accompanying the production of ERRATICA’s new piece REMNANTS.

Including panel discussions, installations, film and music events, the What Remains: Memory, History and Conflict series will respond themes of Memory, Resonance, Ritual and the Aftermath of Conflict.

The programme will include an exhibition by Bosnian Artist Šejla Kamerić, a panel discussion involving Croatian American memoirist Courtney Angela Brkic and historian Rebecca Jinks. There will also be talks with academic Maria Brock and Bosnian journalist Zrinka Bralo and music performances from Dado Džihan and traditional Bosnian folk musician Mirza Basic.


Objects of Memory
A panel discussion featuring guest panellists:

Courtney Angela Brkic (author of The Stone Fields)
Šejla Kamerić (artist)
Rebecca Jinks (historian of genocide)

In this panel discussion, Courtney talks to Bosnian artist Šejla Kamerić and historian of genocide and humanitarianism Rebecca Jinks about the role of objects in tracing, preserving and recounting histories of conflict, both personal and political.

This event will include the first screening of Objects of Memory: a new video project by ERRATICA. For this project, people were asked to choose a single object in their possession and tell us its story. The result is a catalogue of objects and the memories they preserve.

Additional Information

The event will take place in the bar of the Print Room at the Coronet, between the matinee and evening performances of ERRATICA’s Remnants. Attendees will also have the opportunity to experience Šejla Kamerić’s piece Bosnian Girl before or after the discussion.