The Decorative Potential of Blazing Factories

The Decorative Potential Of Blazing Factories

A cardboard catastrophe by
Gary Chitty & Bruce McLean

Commissioned by
The Coronet Theatre

A quest for artistic inspiration turns into a disaster of biblical proportions in the new film by seminal British artist Bruce McLean and director-producer Gary Chitty.

An ingenious blend of art and drama ‘starring 58 sheets of foam board’, The Decorative Potential of Blazing Factories is a journey to the very heart of art and politics.

This motion picture is far from being a conventional film. With its deliberately grandiose plot, this ‘cardboard catastrophe’ pokes fun at the lavish tropes of the art world, and political aspirations gone mad.

A major figure in contemporary UK art, Bruce McLean is a sculptor who works with painting, ceramics, prints, video and live action sculpture. Gary Chitty has made over a hundred short form films for commerce, and has won more than thirty international awards.

Each screening is accompanied by live action from Chitty and McLean in what they decribed as ‘expanded cinema’. You can also see an accompanying exhibition of McLean’s working drawings and models for the film in The Print Room.

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60 mins approx.