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Taiwan Festival: Anarchy Dance Theatre - Second Body

(This is a past event and is no longer running)

Contemporary dance blended with 360º Full Body projection

For a more immersive experience stage seating is also available.

The Coronet’s Taiwan Festival opens with the UK debut of award-winning Taiwanese contemporary dance collective Anarchy Dance Theatre. Second Body interrogates the boundaries of dance as it blends movement and 360º full body-length projection to create an unforgettable audio-visual experience.

Second Body begins by establishing the presence of a human body which becomes fully functional and starts to change and be changed by the environment surrounding it. A projection then creates a non-natural second body, creating distinct movement that forces the first to learn instinctively, and adapt to its presence.

Our hands and feet move naturally without the need for us to think. When we are infants, we learn how to use our own bodies: we learn to stand on our feet, move, and run, and gradually learn to exercise our bodies as we will. We even learn how to use our bodies to the max in certain sports and exercises. The accumulation of knowledge, concepts and training allows us to use our bodies without conscious thought, making the use of our bodies an extension of the natural, physical body itself.” — Chieh-hua Hsieh

Second Body had its world-premiere in Taiwan. Following a global tour, most recently captivating audiences at Chroniques – Biennale of Digital Imagination in France, this extraordinary piece has received much praise from audiences as well as critical acclaim.


Director / Choreographer
Chieh-hua Hsieh

Sound Design
Yannick Dauby

Light Design
We Do Group

Costume Design
Yu-teh Yang

Ting-Ting Chao

Software Development & Visual Design
Ultra Combos




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Running Time:

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Additional Information

Anarchy Dance Theatre
Founded in 2010, Anarchy Dance Theatre is a performance company centred on modern dance. The creative process of which serves as a focal point for contemplating how we connect and relate to one another as humans. Anarchy also actively incorporates cutting edge technology in its creative productions, serving as a reflection on the potentials and limits of our use of technology. Working upon observations of the physical body in motion, the company builds its norm-breaking productions that explore time, space, objects, and the relationship between humans and their society. With its blend of conventional theatre, dance technology and art installation, Anarchy has in recent years been a frequent guest at international arts and dance festivals, and was named as one of 2016’s dance companies of the year by the German dance magazine Tanz. Their 2019 production The Eternal Straight Line was nominated for the 18th annual Taishin Arts Award.




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