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Taiwan Festival: Cheng-Tsung Feng


A major exhibition from world renowned Taiwanese installation artist Cheng-Tsung Feng.

Escalating the ancient Taiwanese tradition of handmade bamboo fish traps, he will encase the Edwardian façade of the theatre with a specially commissioned outsize artwork and take over the interior spaces with his dramatic and intricate structures.

Winner of Red Dot, IDEA and iF Awards, his large scale bamboo installations are both rooted in rich cultural history and forward thinking in their expression.


Cheng-tsung feng

Cheng-Tsung Feng is an artist who deeply studies traditional craft culture. He learns the production of traditional handmade objects from old craftsmen from different regions, and spends a long time collecting and researching the ancient and gradually forgotten oriental culture, creating art works in various forms and sizes based on this.

His works are not only beautiful, but also storytellers of traditional culture and handmade memories. He shares the gradually forgotten stories through his works, allowing these precious handmade memories to be passed down in modern times.

He often incorporates modern technology into his works, constantly exploring new ways of creation, and always focuses on the quality and aesthetic of his works.

He is an artist with rich value in handmade craftsmanship, full of development potential, imagination, and exploration spirit.

He has been commissioned by Hermes, Cartier, Loewe, Bottega Veneta, The Balvenie, Apple, Aesop, Nike, The Ritz-Carlton, HBO, Kvadrat and other international brands to create commissioned artworks & projects.


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