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Taiwan Festival: Chou Kuan-Jou - Tomato

(This is a past event and is no longer running)


What Chou Kuan-Jou puts before us is a feast of thoughts, movement, and provocative action” – Fringe Review

A playful, provocative and experimental exploration of gender issues, using live performance, simultaneously filmed video and a lot of tomatoes, Edinburgh Fringe Festival hit show Tomato comes to London.

Created by dancer-choreographer Chou Kuan-Jou for herself and two other performers, Tomato is a truly unique experience. Lust and desire take centre stage in an audacious and absurdly funny expression of Chou’s ongoing interest in gender issues from a feminist perspective. Here, private manifestations of sexuality receive a public outing. Ideal for anyone curious about seriously tongue-in cheek, cross-art form exploration.

Throughout 2021, Tomato was toured in Taiwan by the Chiayi New Style Choreography Platform. The extended version was selected for Edinburgh Fringe Festival Taiwan Season in 2022, receiving critical acclaim, the Bobby award from Broadway Baby, and the LUSTRUM award from Summerhall.

There’s something very clever about the sudden shifts of mood. Is this woman’s experience enjoyable, exploitative, funny, sinister? As in real life, it depends on an ultra-fine tuning of sensation and context” – The Guardian


Alongside the highly anticipated London premiere of Edinburgh Festival smash-hit Chou Kuan-Jou’s Tomato, The Coronet Theatre is thrilled to present a unique and exciting opportunity to explore the process of creating this playful, provocative and experimental piece to the stage. Click here for more details.



Artist / Director / Choreographer
Chou Kuan-Jou

Chou Kuan-Jou, Ng Chi Wai, Zito Tseng

Sound Designer
Liu Zhu Chi

Yang Shu Han

Light Designer
Yang Yu Chieh

Video Design
Lo Yu Chen

Stage Manager
Yang Yu Chieh

Rehearsals Assistant
He Yan Yu




Running Time:

Age Guidance:




Running Time:

Age Guidance:

Additional Information

Chou Kuan-Jou

Chou Kuan-Jou is an artist based in Taiwan.

As a multi-dimensional performing energy and sensitivity carrier, she is a theater performer, choreographer, action designer, and dance instructor. In recent years, she has devoted herself to the artistic practice of the “Lust Body” employing the fluidity of sexuality as a strategy to loosen boundaries. Through tactile perception, she expands into a dance-based dialogical space, concentrating on the manifestation of bodily politics. Her practical methods include but are not limited to body practices, workshops, and performances.

She has been invited to international events such as CND Camping 2019, Tanzmesse 2022, Tjimur Arts Festival Residency 2022, and da:ns lab 2023 at Dance Nucleus. In 2021, she co-created the “Nyu Shu Movement” project with artist Chen Yi-Chin. This project was showcased at the SEA: Residency in the CLOUD in Taiwan, Loei Art Festival in Thailand, and the BUoY Art Festival in Tokyo. In 2022, her work “TOMATO” was selected for the Taiwan Season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, receiving a five-star review and several awards, including The Bobby Award.



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